About Us

Welcome Parents and Students!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our parents and students to St. Mary’s International School, a unique and very exceptional place to provide a high-quality American curriculum alongside vital Vietnamese courses to serve the students of the 21st century. St. Mary’s International School is in association with St. Paul American School Hanoi, a premier K-12 educational institution educating our students for nearly a decade. St. Mary’s International School, situated at the heart of the ancient city of Ha Noi, is known to be the birthplace of the scholarship of the nation with a splendid history and vibrant modern culture. We believe that our students will be well prepared for today’s challenges to become tomorrow’s active members of society.

St. Mary’s International School is committed to delivering a practical curriculum to:

  • Motivate our students to think critically of their environment, build up problem-solving skills with a global outlook, and commit to the core values of honor, devotion, and compassion
  • Foster students’ knowledge by scientific inquiry-based learning, technologically driven teaching, engineering mindset, and applied mathematics
  • Enhance cultural understanding by the study of languages and the arts
  • Serve society through key service-learning activities to develop students sense of duty, and life-long commitment for the betterment of others
  • Provide practical and critical knowledge for students to be successful on the domestic and the international fronts

St. Mary’s Community

We are a community of multicultural individuals who share beliefs and goals in providing the best educational experience for children. At St. Mary’s International School, our utmost priority is to develop supportive relationships among leadership, staff, teachers, students, and parents. Together we are stronger!