Originally from the US, Ms. Sweeney joined St. Mary’s this year as a Grade 4 teacher. She has taught elementary education for 10 years, served as a team lead for curriculum development, and represented her grade level on the Positive Behavior and Interventions Supports team. Ms. Sweeney has a BA in Elementary Education and a MA in Teacher Leadership.

“Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning.”Robert John Meehan

What inspired you to become a teacher?

My third grade math teacher inspired me to become a teacher. She was nurturing, showed a genuine interest in her students’ lives, and went above and beyond to ensure her students were learning while having fun. I have always been drawn to kids and find teaching to be extremely rewarding. Kids are so creative and innocent. They absorb life like sponges and their level of energy is a perfect match for my personality.

What brought you to teach in Vietnam?

Teaching abroad has always been a passion of mine. I chose Vietnam because I am curious to learn more about this side of the world. Asian culture, food, people, traditions, and the country’s pure beauty have striked my interest for many, many years and I am thankful to finally be here, experiencing all of it.

What is important about Fourth Grade?

Fourth grade is such a significant year in elementary school because students learn to become more independent as they progress towards secondary education. They are taught important foundational skills in reading, math and other content areas that set the tone for future learning. It is my responsibility that kids walk away with a solid foundation and a number of significant skills so they can continue their education and pursue their dreams.

What makes a good teacher?

A great teacher listens. They go out of their way to learn about each of their student’s interests. They support students and help them get where they need to be. Schools and classrooms should feel safe and promote students to take-risks and learn at high levels. Schools should be fun and a place students can’t wait to return to each day.

Ms. Amber Sweeney

International Elementary Teacher, Grade 4

What do you like about teaching at St. Mary’s?

I couldn’t be more thankful to be part of such a wonderful team at St. Mary’s International School. The atmosphere and culture is positive and inviting. Everyone wants what is best for each student and we love the family we are creating. Staff members truly love what they are doing and are dedicated to student success. The students are hard-working and ready to go every day, despite learning online. They are engaged, respectful, and fun to teach!

If you could be famous for one thing, what would it be?

If I could be famous for one thing, it would be dancing. Dancing is and always has been a huge part of my life. It makes me smile, laugh, it’s exercise without me knowing it, and I enjoy doing it with everyone!

We’re so glad to have Amber as a part of our team here at St. Mary’s!