Mr. Rance Kuwata

International Elementary Teacher, Grade 3

Originally from the state of Hawaii, Mr. Rance joined St. Mary’s as a Grade 3 Teacher. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Chaminade University before starting his teaching career in Hawaii and moving on to international schools in Taiwan and Singapore. 

“If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.” – Thomas H. Palmer

What do students learn in your Grade 3 classroom?

Students in my class will learn how to be effective communicators and will be able to analyze English literature. I believe that my students have vastly improved their literacy skills in all my years of teaching.

What makes your classes unique?

I love to learn about and understand different cultures so I can share this knowledge with students. I am a strong believer that project-based learning about different cultures in multicultural classrooms helps students develop into global citizens. 

What do you think makes a good teacher?

A good teacher engages with students in the classroom. An effective teacher will want to establish a good relationship with his or her students. Elementary students are more motivated to learn when they feel connected to their teachers.

What do you like about teaching in Vietnam?

I like teaching in Vietnam because I am able to teach kids from all over the world while enjoying life and travel in this country. Vietnam is a wonderful and safe place to live. And the food is delicious!

If you could bring one thing to an isolated island, what would you bring?

Tom Hanks, because he has experience.

We’re so glad to have Rance as a part of our team here at St. Mary’s!

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