Chad Niemann joined St. Mary’s, as a Grade 3 teacher, in the 2021-2022 school year. Originally from the state of Illinois in the USA, Chad has lived in Vietnam for over 6 years. We sat down with Mr. Chad to talk more about what brought him to this moment here – teaching Grade 3 at St. Mary’s in Vietnam – and what it means for him and his students. 

Why did you want to teach?

I grew up helping my mother set up her 2nd grade classroom, planning lessons and grading homework. Those experiences made me want to become an elementary teacher.  

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

Teaching is a very rewarding profession. I enjoy working with young learners because they are playful and creative. My students also inspire me to be the best teacher I can be.    

What brought you to Vietnam?

I began teaching in Vietnam because of my love for travel and exploring new cultures and geography.  I knew friends already working in Vietnam.  They told me teachers are highly regarded in Vietnam and the students are wonderful and well-behaved.  The local community is friendly and welcoming and the food is amazing.  I feel very lucky to have arrived in Vietnam and after six years of living here, I consider it my second home.

Mr Chad Niemann

Mr. Chad Niemann
Grade 3

What is unique about third grade?

Third grade is a formative school year for students to build up their literacy and arithmetic proficiency.  We also focus on developing soft skills, such as self-control, respect and responsibility. In Math, students are introduced to the challenging concept of fractions and solving word problems in real-life scenarios.  In Science, we dive into many overarching topics, such as electricity and magnetism, plant and animal life cycles and weather.  Third grade students will become more independent and accountable for their learning.

How do you feel about teaching at St. Mary’s International School?

I love being a part of a school community that is encouraging and supportive.  We all build each other up everyday and inspire the next generation to be thoughtful, caring individuals. 

We’re so glad to have Chad as a part of our team here at St. Mary’s!