An investment in your child’s education is truly an investment in their future. At St. Mary’s, we offer an International Education with an American Curriculum that prepares students for success in all areas of their lives. Following are just some of the highlights students gain from a St. Mary’s education.

Smaller Class Size / Student-Centered

Smaller class sizes allow students to receive more one-on-one attention from teachers, participate in small group discussions, and be recognized as individuals. Teachers are also able to differentiate lessons for students with different learning styles, incorporate student interests into their lessons, modify lessons to ensure student understanding, and challenge those who grasp the material easily. 

Inquiry-Based Learning / Deeper Understanding

Our inquiry-based American Curriculum allows students to go beyond basic facts and explore subject matter to get a deeper, more personal understanding. This approach also teaches students how to learn, stokes their curiosity and gives them a sense of ownership over their learning.

Real-Life Marketable Skills / Technology Integration

A St. Mary’s education builds real-life marketable skills that will lead to success in education and professional life. Research skills, report creation, presentation, debate, leadership, teamwork, and personal organization and responsibility are built into the curriculum. The integration of technology in the classrooms builds the IT skills necessary for any future career.

Holistic Program / Special Classes

In addition to an academic focus, an international education also provides students with values-based, life skills and exposure to athletics and arts. This holistic approach to education benefits students by developing their skills and abilities in a variety of areas. All students are unique and a holistic education allows them to discover their unique talents and gain competence and pride in their efforts outside of an academic context.

Transferable Education: Standardized Tests & University Prep

St. Mary’s students will graduate prepared to enter any university of their choice. Our American curriculum is standardized to ensure that our students are learning at the same level as their American peers. In addition, regular MAP testing prepares students for university-required entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses prepare students for university-level coursework and can earn them credit towards their undergraduate degree.

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