St. Mary’s Guidance Wrap Up

September 2021


We’ve completed another exciting month in our Guidance program. During September, Grizzlies explored the concept of self-regulation, using the Zones of Regulation curriculum, through Zones imagery and language. Grizzlies from Kindergarten to Grade 5 learned about the four different zones: how we feel, how our bodies react, and how we act in each zone.

We then talked about coping strategies and things that we can do to cope with our emotions in the Zones. We emphasized that being in any one of the zones is okay, there is no bad Zone; it’s the things that we do in these zones that matter!

We also had a chance to practice these coping strategies with ALL of our friends in school during our assemblies. 

For our first assembly, we did the Flower Candle Breathing exercise together:

 During our second assembly, we closed our eyes and imagined our Safe Place.

Our Kindergarten students also watched a mindfulness rainbow video and practiced the exercise together.

This was such a fun month for all of us. I loved how our Grizzlies were so engaged in the coping strategies activity. It was also a great opportunity for us to connect as a community, by getting together to meditate and breathe slowly. 

Even though September has ended we will continue to talk about our feelings and emotions throughout the year using the Zones language that we have learned.


This month, our value is “Responsibility.” In Guidance lessons, we will be discussing how we can be responsible in different aspects of our lives. We will also be using a creative curriculum to talk about problem-solving.

I look forward to continuing to work with our Grizzlies to learn and grow and gain the skills they need to be successful.

By Ms. Anh Vu – Guidance Counselor