The first two weeks of school were a blast! Although we all agreed that we wanted to see each other in person, we still managed to have a lot of fun online! For our first “Welcome” lessons, we all spent a little time getting to know one another. I introduced myself as a guidance counselor and helped students understand more about the counselor’s role in school.

To help explain the guidance counselor’s job, I introduced myself as a rabbit – with BIG ears to listen to everyone – so the students understand that I am always ready to listen to them! 

In our lower elementary classes, we read an amazing book about a boy and a rabbit who listened to him to make him feel better. Our upper elementary classes discussed why they thought a guidance counselor was similar to a rabbit. CLICK HERE to listen to my read-aloud version of the book!

All students took turns guessing meanings behind images of things counselors help with. This was an amazing activity and the responses were so creative. Our lower elementary students had very cute things to say, while the older kids had a lot of meaningful and clever ideas!

Finally, after the lesson, students shared something special about themselves and how they hoped I could help them this year. Our kids from K to Grade 2 used Seesaw to express themselves:

They also had fun with this coloring sheet:

Our bigger kids were a little bit more tech savvy so they played around on Jamboard to create these amazing reflection sheets!

There are so many more amazing responses that I wish I could share them all here! Thank you so much, Grizzlies, for letting me get to know you! I believe we’re going to have a meaningful school year in Guidance. 

See you next month for your next guidance lessons!

By Ms. Anh Vu – Guidance Counselor