What a great show! We hope all of you were able to join us for our first GRIZZLY WINTER TALENT SHOW last week! If you missed it, or just wanted to watch it again, visit our YouTube channel, where you can watch individual performances or let the whole playlist play.


Students, parents, and staff worked hard to put the show together and we want to thank you all! We enjoyed having the opportunity to meet with students and parents on campus and to see the talents of both students who came to campus and filmed at home. It was a treat to see how excited students were to come to campus and meet their teachers and our other staff in person. It showed us how, even though we haven’t been able to be together on campus yet this year, how we have created a community and a school that students are happy to be a part of. We are so proud to be GRIZZLIES!


If any of you missed it, we had a special guest at our talent show! Dr. Quang Tran, a Clarinet teacher at Vietnam National Academy of Music, played a duet with Mr. Long to introduce students to another instrument – the Clarinet.

To learn more about Dr. Quang and see another performance, click HERE.