Solving Problems with Kelso's Choice

This month in Counseling, we have introduced Grizzlies to Kelso’s Choice, a problem-solving curriculum that helps them tell the difference between big conflicts and small conflicts, and gives them skills to resolve small conflicts on their own. Grizzlies learned that disagreements and conflict are a normal part of life. They also learned that there are acceptable and unacceptable ways to handle them when they arise.

Kelso’s Choice provides Kelso the Frog as a character with problems children can relate to and positive ways to deal with minor conflicts. Kelso’s Choice teaches children to identify whether a problem is big or small, and then to either attempt to resolve the problem independently using two of Kelso’s Choices before involving a trusted adult.


When faced with a small problem, try two of the following strategies to resolve it on your own. If you are unable to resolve the problem on your own using these strategies, then find a trusted adult and explain the problem and the solutions you tried.

    1. Go to another game or activity.
    2. Share and take turns.
    3. Respectfully talk it over and listen to each other.
    4. Walk away from the problem.
    5. Ignore the problem behavior.
    6. Tell the person to stop the problem behavior.
    7. Apologize.
    8. Make a deal or compromise.
    9. Wait to cool off.

Throughout the month, Grizzlies have been connecting with Kelso, learning these strategies, and practicing conflict resolution. By providing Grizzlies with these options, Kelso’s Choice not only helps to reduce their stress and the number of conflicts they have at school and at home, but also helps them to build independent problem-solving skills that will help them throughout their lives. 

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Watch two of our Grizzlies – Donna and Darlene – work through problems using Kelso’s Choice: