Happy Mid-Autumn! While we couldn’t celebrate last week’s Mid-Autumn Festival at school in person as we would normally do, we were able to help our Grizzlies celebrate at home. Our team got together to provide students with classroom activities, videos, and a live Mid-Autumn Assembly on Tuesday, 21 September.


During our assembly, we had a special guest – the Jade Rabbit – talk about the diverse traditions of the festival throughout Asia. We also listened to a story about the origins of the festival in China. Finally, the assembly ended with a virtual “Screen Parade” for children to show their paper lanterns, costumes, or other MidAutumn-related crafts.

Check out our Elementary Assembly and Kindergarten Assembly!


We have put together resources for our students for some festival-related activities and ways to get in the spirit with their families over the Mid-Autumn weekend.

Making Mid-Autumn Paper Lanterns

Want to make some MidAutumn decorations? Let Ms. Vung and Ms. Giang from St. Mary’s International Kindergarten show you how to make MidAutumn Lanterns:

Making Mooncakes

Always wondered how to make Mooncakes or want to try making your own at home? Ms. Teegan walks you through the steps of making baked and steamed Mooncakes here:

Here are the ingredient and supply lists: