St. Mary’s International School Library is a dynamic environment and we like to think of it as the heart of the school.

The main goal of our school library is to promote a love of reading and learning by providing students with unlimited opportunities to explore their diverse reading interests. Our library staff members work collaboratively with teachers and other specialists to support the curriculum and to encourage a lifelong love of reading. Our collection offers a diverse range of quality and engaging print items, and regular library classes ensure that the appreciation of literature, informational literacy, and curriculum objectives are met for all students. This collaborative team approach makes the library an integral part of school learning.

Library Mission & Vision

St. Mary’s International School Library welcomes all students, faculty, and staff, providing multi-language resources for our school community. In order to offer an inclusive service, our library commits to an ongoing programme of improvement. We endeavor to provide access to a variety of resources, including books, e-books, academic materials, and online databases. We aim to establish an inspirational environment in which all students, faculty, and staff can fulfill their passion for reading and continuing education.

Our library has many thousands of books on a great variety of levels and genres. All students have structured library classes with our librarians and are allowed to check out materials regularly. The library staff help students develop informational research skills and increase literacy across languages. Library classes teach library use, etiquette, and terminology. Lessons include grade-appropriate discussions of basic literary elements (main character, setting, and plot), book talks, and games.

Library Resources & Catalog

St. Mary’s Follett Destiny Database

There are two main areas of the library set up for reading, research, and class sessions. The two main areas are as follows:

  • “Library Reading Collection” with a large collection of fiction, non-fiction, and reference titles covering a multitude of subjects.
  • “Academic Textbook Resources” is a substantial collection of rich and varied textbooks covering all subject areas: Math, English Language Art, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language. All of our print and digital resources are managed by the Follett Destiny Library Manager.

Through our library management system, teachers and students can access our library database 24/7 through any workstation with a supported web browser or mobile device. The library database can be accessed through their school account.

Contact our library team for assistance