St. Mary’s Tips For A Healthy Holiday Season


The winter holidays can be an exciting time, but they can also bring about stress and leave you worn down and not as able to enjoy time with friends and family. Here are a few tips for our students and families to make the most of the holiday season. When we get busy, our exercise routine is often the first to fall off our priority list. If you find yourself missing your routine, find ways to fit in a few extra steps everyday - skip the elevator and take the stairs, go for a family walk instead of watching [...]

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Virtual Learning for Second Language Learners


An international elementary school is a rich language environment for English language learners. Instruction is in English, the common language between friends with different backgrounds is often English and the environment is often covered in English language prompts from the alphabet on the wall to signs around campus. This environment provides English language learners multiple opportunities to see, hear and practice English and helps them to reach fluency more rapidly.  However, with online learning, English language learners are less likely to be immersed in an English language environment. Especially in households where the family language is not English, children [...]

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WE ARE ST. MARY’S! | Mr. Chad Niemann


Your Content Goes Here Chad Niemann joined St. Mary’s, as a Grade 3 teacher, in the 2021-2022 school year. Originally from the state of Illinois in the USA, Chad has lived in Vietnam for over 6 years. We sat down with Mr. Chad to talk more about what brought him to this moment here - teaching Grade 3 at St. Mary’s in Vietnam - and what it means for him and his students.  Why did you want to teach? I grew up helping my mother set up her 2nd grade classroom, planning lessons and grading [...]

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Grizzly Winter Talent Show


Calling all MUSICIANS, SINGERS, ACTORS, MAGICIANS, COMEDIANS, PERFORMERS in the Grizzly Community. We are so EXCITED to announce the first GRIZZLY TALENT SHOW! On Friday, December 10, we will celebrate our students, families, and staff by showcasing and celebrating our talented community members.  Because this hasn't been a typical school year, we won't be putting on a typical winter show. This year, instead of focusing on practice and performance, we want to focus on our students, our families, our staff: our community. We want to celebrate all of our individual talents and being together after so long apart. [...]

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St. Mary’s Parent-Teacher Conference Tips


PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES - FRIDAY 22 OCTOBER Parent-Teacher Conferences are a valuable opportunity for you to connect with your child’s teacher and share information that can help them to be successful throughout the rest of the year. Here are some ideas to help you get the most out of this meeting. Your Content Goes Here Arrange for a time on Friday to meet with your child’s teacher and set an alarm to be there five minutes before the meeting time. Look over your child’s schoolwork - how is your child doing? Is the work too easy [...]

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Covid Relief in Yen Hoa


We have all been affected in some way by the global COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions put in place to keep us all safe, but some of us have suffered worse than others. As a team at St. Mary's, we have been fortunate to be able to work from home and keep our families safe during these difficult times, but we know others in our community haven’t been so fortunate.  During the last week of September, we put out a call to administration, faculty and staff to donate what they could to a fund for vulnerable individuals and families [...]

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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 2021


Happy Mid-Autumn! While we couldn’t celebrate last week’s Mid-Autumn Festival at school in person as we would normally do, we were able to help our Grizzlies celebrate at home. Our team got together to provide students with classroom activities, videos, and a live Mid-Autumn Assembly on Tuesday, 21 September. MID-AUTUMN ASSEMBLY During our assembly, we had a special guest - the Jade Rabbit - talk about the diverse traditions of the festival throughout Asia. We also listened to a story about the origins of the festival in China. Finally, the assembly ended with a virtual “Screen Parade” for [...]

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How to Stay Active at Home


In the course of a regular school day, students are moving around the classroom, walking from homeroom to special classes and playing outside at recess. Currently, with all of our students learning from home and restrictions on movement within the city, it is harder for them to get the exercise their bodies need. Here are a few tips to keep your children active during the day: Have a family dance party with GoNoodle or Just Dance Videos on YouTube. Have them create a short workout plan to do at each break [...]

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A Big Day at St. Mary’s


Your Content Goes Here Whether it is a transition to a new school, or a return to a much loved school, the first days of each new grade is often something we - and our children - will remember. Many families take pictures of their children going off to school, or pack notes and special treats in lunch boxes, others have different traditions from their own cultures and families. No matter what your family's tradition is (and even though their first day will be a virtual one), let's let our kids know what a special, exciting day today [...]

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We Are Vaccinated!


Your Content Goes Here Our teachers and staff have all received their first dose of the vaccine and will be fully vaccinated soon. We are continuing our commitment to student health and safety. Additionally, in accordance with the Health and Safety Guidelines from the government authorities, all St. Mary’s staff are currently working from home. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: Please stay safe and take care!

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