Parent Tips for Parent Teacher Conferences


Parent Tips for Parent Teacher Conferences Parent Teacher Conferences are an opportunity for parents and teachers to share information about each student - their successes, their strengths, and their areas for growth. It is an opportunity for parents to learn more about what is going on in the classroom and for teachers to hear how students are doing at home. With each conference lasting from 15 to 20 minutes, parents can make the most of the time by preparing a little ahead of time. Here are some tips to make the most of your upcoming Parent [...]

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Benefits of After School Activities


Benefits of After School Activities With students in classes for just seven hours a day, there isn’t always time for all of the learning, growing, challenges, and fun that we have to provide for our students. That is where our After School Activities program comes in! At St. Mary’s, we provide after-school activities for our KG, Elementary, and (soon) Middle School Students. These activities provide students with opportunities to engage in organized group activities that allow them to develop talents, learn new skills, socialize, strengthen friendships and make new friends outside of their grade and classrooms. [...]

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The Grizzly House System


The Grizzly House System Common in the British School system, school houses provide opportunities for students to develop and thrive outside of their regular academic schedule. Each house is made up of students from different grade levels, allowing students to meet, work, and bond with students of different ages. This provides opportunities for teamwork, leadership, and relationship building. Membership in a house also provides students with another layer of identity, another group to be a part of, within the larger school community.  Here at St. Mary’s, as GRIZZLIES, it is only natural that our houses are [...]

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Happy First Day of In-Person Learning!


Happy First Day of In-Person Learning! After such a long wait, we finally welcomed our KG - Grade 5 Grizzles to campus TODAY! St. Mary's was buzzing with excitement as students arrived, were met by Mr. Darrin, had their temperatures checked, were led to their classrooms, and met with their teachers and classmates for the first time for IN-PERSON LEARNING! Our halls and classrooms have been filled with the sounds of learning and laughter and there is a smile on every face. The day we have all been waiting for was all we could have imagined [...]

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Returning to In-Person Learning Prep


We are so excited that we are all able to come back to school in person on Tuesday next week! Here at school, we have been preparing for this all year, but at home, families just have a short time to prepare. While this is sure to be an exciting time for all of our students, they may also have some worries, too.  Here are some things that you can do with your child(ren) at home to help them manage this exciting transition. TALK ABOUT COVID SAFETY In-person learning will be a different experience [...]

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Kindergarten Curriculum/Program Overview


KINDERGARTEN CURRICULUM / PROGRAM OVERVIEW Our Kindergarten Program Our Grizzly programs are specially tailored to address the developmental and learning needs of students at each age. Our Grizzly 4 program uses My Teaching Strategies - The Creative Curriculum®, a comprehensive, research-based curriculum, which features exploration and discovery as a way of learning, enabling children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical-thinking skills. We’ve chosen this curriculum because it focuses on the skills and knowledge that are most important for helping your child to be successful in school. Throughout the year, The Creative Curriculum® helps [...]

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Preparing Students to Test Their Best


While their everyday classes have prepared them for the test material, there are things that we can do as parents, to help our children be physically and mentally prepared for success on testing days. Make sure your child goes to bed at their regular bedtime the night before each test day to ensure they get enough rest. Wake your child early enough for them to be alert and ready to go; encourage them to do some stretching or jumping jacks. When we are too hot or too cold it can be hard to concentrate. Make sure your [...]

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Winter Clothing Donation Drive


From January 10 to January 19, St. Mary's held a WINTER CLOTHING DONATION DRIVE to benefit children in the highlands of Vietnam. At St. Mary’s, one of our core values is RESPONSIBILITY and we believe that we have a responsibility to our community and to impact positive change around us whenever we can. Our core values are not just an integral part of our curriculum, they also guide who we are as a school community. We collected the following new or gently used items in children's sizes in order to respond to the need for vulnerable children to have [...]

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  • Mary Performs Folk Song on Piano

St. Mary’s First Grizzly Winter Talent Show Recap


What a great show! We hope all of you were able to join us for our first GRIZZLY WINTER TALENT SHOW last week! If you missed it, or just wanted to watch it again, visit our YouTube channel, where you can watch individual performances or let the whole playlist play. GRIZZLY WINTER TALENT SHOW PERFORMANCES Students, parents, and staff worked hard to put the show together and we want to thank you all! We enjoyed having the opportunity to meet with students and parents on campus and to see the talents of both [...]

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Engaging Young Learners Online


Importance of Engaging Environment for Young Learners in Distance Learning The kindergarten and early elementary years are important foundational years in a child’s education. During these years, they learn how to play fairly, how to resolve conflicts, how to follow routines, how to communicate in groups, and they begin learning the early literacy and numeracy skills they will need throughout their later education. Before the COVID pandemic moved us all online, these skills were learned in a classroom setting, surrounded by their peers, and led by caring teachers and school administrators. But now, many of our children are spending these [...]

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