Benefits of After School Activities

With students in classes for just seven hours a day, there isn’t always time for all of the learning, growing, challenges, and fun that we have to provide for our students. That is where our After School Activities program comes in! At St. Mary’s, we provide after-school activities for our KG, Elementary, and (soon) Middle School Students. These activities provide students with opportunities to engage in organized group activities that allow them to develop talents, learn new skills, socialize, strengthen friendships and make new friends outside of their grade and classrooms.

In addition to learning new skills and making new friends, after school activities allow students to develop relationships with other teachers in our community. Our After School Activities are led by our national and international teachers in their areas of expertise and allow them to share their knowledge and passion with students. Activities range from painting and drawing, photography, dance, sports clubs and teams, martial arts, book clubs, and many more. Students are offered new choices throughout the school year so they can engage in a variety of activities. 

Our After School Activities program provides a variety of activities to allow students the opportunity to try something different, discover new interests, and challenge themselves. Students benefit from stepping out of their comfort zones and building self-confidence and resilience. Engaging with peers of a variety of ability levels helps them develop leadership skills and compassion for others. Sticking with a new activity also shows them the importance of commitment and perseverance. With so many incredible benefits to our students, it is no wonder that it is a mandatory part of our educational program, offered at no additional cost to families.