The opportunity for international school education is a chance for a student to grow beyond the borders of their own community, to gain opportunities and access, to dream big and to realize those dreams. At St. Mary’s we believe that all children deserve the opportunity to reach their potential and realize their dreams. We also understand the importance of fun, community and cultural values. This unique blending of a hands-on, engaging American curriculum with an emphasis on Vietnamese culture is what makes St. Mary’s the best choice for an international education in Hanoi.

#1 Convenient Location

We are situated a short commute away for families living in the most popular areas of the city. Our 12,500 m2 purpose-built campus offers bright, modern academic buildings; fully equipped STEAM labs, indoor and outdoor sports fields, a covered swimming pool, and a spacious, sensory playground

#2 Experienced Management

The Administration at St. Mary’s has over 10 years of experience operating international schools in Vietnam. We bring a deep understanding of Vietnamese culture and government relations, combined with expertise in international elementary and secondary education. This allows us to offer St. Mary’s families the sense of security that comes with knowing their child’s education is in good hands

#3 American Curriculum

St. Mary’s provides students with an international education, rooted in a high-quality American Curriculum that prioritizes inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, communication skills, and project-based, collaborative lessons. Our curriculum allows children to develop and hone knowledge and skills in a wide range of disciplines with fun, engaging lessons. St. Mary’s education ensures an educational experience that will prepare them to thrive in University and beyond

#4 Emphasis on Vietnamese Culture

At St. Mary’s, we understand the importance of culture and work to ensure that the values of Vietnamese culture are woven into our curriculum and celebrated in our community. Located in Hanoi, the beautiful capital of Vietnam, we are fortunate to be situated in the midst of a culture with a deep history that values respect, education, resilience, harmony, family and community. We honor these values and keep them alive for students through cultural lessons and celebrations throughout the year

#5 Fun Learning Environment

Students at St. Mary’s come to school every day excited for the day ahead. This is because we are committed to providing fun, creative, engaging lessons that inspire a love of learning and motivate students to participate fully in their educational experience. Join in the fun by signing up for a campus tour HERE

#6 Strong & Supportive Community

Students learn best when they feel supported and cared for in their school community. Here at St. Mary’s, we understand the importance of recruiting and maintaining quality educators, who are not only passionate about teaching young people, but who provide a sense of community within their classrooms and throughout the school. Together with our administrators, staff, parents and students, we work to ensure that every member of our community feels valued. Through school-wide events, regular communication, a strong PTA program and a developing relationship with our neighbors in Yen Hoa, we are driven to create a safe, welcoming environment for all members of our community. Check out our community Facebook Page HERE

#7 Accessible International Education

We believe that all children deserve the opportunity for an international education and have designed our program so that it is accessible to more families. Retaining the highest quality of educators, curriculum and facilities, St. Mary’s provides a quality international educational experience at a price point that allows for greater diversity in our student body and respects our families’ economic realities. Contact our Admissions Department for more information on Tuition and Fees