A private, international school education used to be a privilege afforded only to those from families with the means to send their children, making it out of reach for the majority of families. However, at St. Mary’s, we believe that every child deserves the opportunities provided by an international education. With globalization and increases in technology, today’s students have an almost unlimited array of choices when it comes to where they can study and begin their professional lives. An international school education provides students with the language, knowledge, skills, ability and confidence to study and work outside of their home country or to work in an international setting right here in Vietnam. More and more, universities and employers are looking for students and prospective employees who are able to work in teams, plan collaboratively, think outside of the box, problem solve and progress independently. Today’s students will need these skills to take advantage of the myriad opportunities available to them and reach their full potential

At St. Mary’s, we provide an international education and an international school experience:

  • Our classes are all taught in English. 

  • Our homeroom and primary subject teachers are all native-English speaking, grade-level, and subject-certified educators. 

  • Our academic program follows an American international curriculum equipping students with the skills and knowledge they will need to earn a recognized high school diploma and gain entrance to the college or university of their choice. 

  • Our holistic learning model meets the needs of students in multiple dimensions, including intellectual, physical, socio-emotional, and creative. This includes our special classes, guidance program, after-school activities and various supplementary activities throughout the year. 

  • Our secondary students will have regular access to academic counselors to help them map their academic journey beyond graduation from St. Mary’s. 

  • We have a supportive international community where students can learn more about the world around them right here in Hanoi.

The difference is that our International Education is accessible to more students and more families.

Contact our Admissions Department today to learn more about our program, tuition fees, and available scholarships.

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