Middle school is a major transition in the life of a student. They often go from one homeroom teacher in ELementary to a busy schedule of multiple teachers and multiple classes. This change allows students to gain a deeper level of knowledge and skills in their academic and creative subjects, and to begin building the responsibility, independence, and organization skills they will need in high school. Our middle school program builds upon our elementary curriculum continuing with the American Common Core Standards. It is designed to challenge our students academically, continue to develop their character and interpersonal skills, and prepare them for high school level coursework.

In Middle School, our classes continue to be student-centered, building on student interest, while also incorporating skill-building in research, presentation, teamwork, and interpersonal and technology skills that will be necessary for their success in academics and beyond. Middle school students research projects, present findings, develop creative solutions to real-world problems, debate issues of global importance, learn about different cultures, analyze classic and contemporary literature, and explore more complex mathematical concepts. Middle school counselors are available to help students navigate this transition and begin to plan their path in high school on to university.

Our Middle School Arts and Athletics Program introduces students to these subjects in greater depth and rigor. Middle school art students develop their talents and are exposed to professional sources of inspiration. Physical Education in middle school continues to promote the healthy lifestyle habits developed in Elementary School, but also works to develop students’ individual skills and interests in athletic pursuits – both at the individual and team levels. Our Middle School After School Activity (ASA) Program allows students to compete competitively with other local schools, in addition to providing them the opportunity to explore their interests in other areas.

As in the elementary level, at the middle school level, student progress is assessed by regular assessments during the year and through annual standardized M.A.P (Measures of Academic Progress) Tests that allow us to monitor student progress throughout their academic career. This allows teachers to provide assistance to students who need more time to grasp the material and supplement those who need additional challenges.