Due to school closures, St. Mary’s is preparing for online learning.  

We are confident our Learn at Home Program will provide a quality, engaging and meaningful program for our students. The program is based on best practices and research conducted on successful online learning programs.


The purpose of the Elementary School Learn at Home Program is to provide specific expectations and guidance for online learning for when schools are required to be closed. Over the course of mandatory school closure, students engage in new learning experiences. Students will learn through a blended learning model, which includes asynchronous learning as well as synchronous, real-time interactive sessions with their teachers and classmates. Each of these learning experiences may be followed up with appropriate homework or a formative/summative assessment to confirm that the students have engaged appropriately with the content and that their understanding of the content supports their progress towards the identified target standards.

Differences between Learn at Home and In-Person Learning

It is important to understand the differences between Learn at Home and in-person learning. Due to various factors including limiting screen time, families with multiple children at home, parents’ availability, technology access, etc., online learning can not exactly match what students do every day while at school. Additionally, during in-person learning, there is time allocated in the schedule for lunch, recess, breaks, passing time, and other activities that provide students with learning breaks. St. Mary’s International School researched and implemented online learning best practices and incorporated feedback from our parents and teachers. Our school is committed to providing an engaging, rigorous, and valuable Learn at Home experience for all of our students and families.

Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Online Etiquette

In order to maximize the quality of the Learn at Home Program, we ask students, teachers, and families to use online etiquette during the learning sessions. These include: