The education that students gain in elementary school lays the foundation for their future academic success. Basic literacy, numeracy and investigative skills are developed and reinforced through Grades 1 – 5. Students go from learning to read to reading to learn. They also develop and build upon academic, organization and socio-emotional skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Our Elementary Program follows the US Common Core Standard Curriculum which ensures that our students are gaining the same knowledge and skills as students in American schools worldwide. The curriculum builds upon itself each year, providing students with a firm foundation in each area before building upon that knowledge. St. Mary’s students learn through inquiry, investigation and hands-on exploration. Our teachers tap into the natural curiosity of elementary-aged learners and present material in ways that allow our students to become fully engaged in each lesson.

Our elementary program combines a strong emphasis on academics with an equally strong emphasis on the arts, character education and physical education. Each week, students attend music and arts classes, physical education classes, technology classes and guidance lessons that help them to grow in these areas. Our Afterschool Activities (ASA) program further enhances our curriculum by offering students opportunities to explore new interests, build new friendships and gain new skills.

Student Progress Monitoring

Student progress is assessed by regular tests and assessments during the year. Beginning in Grade 3, students also take annual standardized M.A.P (Measures of Academic Progress) Tests that allow us to monitor student progress throughout their academic career. These allow teachers to provide assistance to students who need more time to grasp the material and supplementary work to those who need additional challenges.


Fun Learning Environment

We understand the importance of recess and play in the elementary ages. Our elementary schedule has built in breaks for snacks and recess throughout the day to allow our younger learners time to rest, play and socialize with their peers. Our lunch and snack breaks also provide students with the nutrition they need to thrive during the school day. Our teachers often also incorporate play throughout the school day to make learning fun and engaging.