In today’s globalized world, academic instruction alone is no longer sufficient to promote success. At St. Mary’s, we believe that along with academic instruction, schools must provide opportunities for students to learn through play, develop social skills, think critically, solve complex problems, work in teams, develop leadership skills, communicate across cultures and develop skills to succeed in a rapidly developing, technologically connected world. And yet, with rapid global development there is still very much a need for a strong connection to community, tradition and local values. At St. Mary’s International School, we combine a dynamic American curriculum with an emphasis on local cultural values to prepare students for success both at home and in their future lives.

The curriculum at St. Mary International School is designed to provide rigorous academic instruction combined with individual and collaborative, inquiry-based lessons that help our students develop into culturally competent, critical thinkers, independent learners and successful communicators. We utilize a globally competitive American curriculum, based on US Common Core Standards, AERO (American Education Reaches Out) and National US standards for Art, Music and P.E., ensuring that our students receive a high-quality American education.

To ensure a balance with our host country culture, our staff reflects a diversity of international teachers and local teachers. All of our academic classes are taught by professionally accredited, native-English speaking teachers, supported by professional, English speaking, Vietnamese teaching assistants. Our special classes including Art, PE & Music are taught by professionally trained, English-speaking Vietnamese teachers. Our curriculum incorporates local culture inside and outside of the classroom through holiday celebrations and cultural traditions that allow students the best of both worlds.


English Language Arts
Social Studies
English Language Dev
Physical Education


In Our Elementary Program, students build upon the foundational literacy and math skills they learned in Kindergarten and begin to use skills of inquiry to explore the world around them in greater depth.

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Our Middle School Program continues to focus on important literacy skills including fluency, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing across all subjects.

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